Web Objects in Lectora and Lectora Online

From the Add Web Objects group, you have many options for adding web-based content into your course.  These options include a web window from a variety of sources, social media content, an RSS feed or HTML Extension. Starting Lectora 12 you were also given the options to set a number of properties for Web Objects including borders, margins, scrollbar, and transparency settings. This video highlighting the additional editing capabilities in still relevant in the most recent version of Lectora and Lectora Online.

For more information on Web Windows please visit this Trivantis Community article, Adding Web Windows in Lectora and Lectora Online.

Preview image

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  1. Profile photo of rana saad
    rana saad

    i am trying the zoom in & out picture with same picture but javascript not working any advice!

    function myeven(){
    var x1,c;

    x1 = parseInt(Var_chpt12sc2pic1.getvalue())%2;
    if (x1==0) {

    tried running javascript command


    still not working on debug i get the massage Var_chpt12sc2pic2 either 0 or NaN!

    Var_chpt12sc2pic2 value is not updated any help

  2. Profile photo of Joe Wieloch
    Joe Wieloch

    I see a couple of syntax issues, I can’t really tell what you are trying to do, but here are the things I noticed:

    Var_chpt12sc2pic1.getvalue() …. should be …. Var_chpt12sc2pic1.getValue() (capital V)

    …. should be ….

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