What’s New in Lectora Online 3.1

Product Manager Daryl Fleary shares what’s new in the latest update of cloud authoring tool Lectora Online. Additions in Lectora Online 3.1 include:

  • Customizable test results pages designed to work with responsive titles
  • HTML5-based media players improve mobile delivery by eliminating Flash
  • New shape styles such as stars and callouts
  • Enter text directly into shapes
  • Object Rotation: Flip objects horizontally, vertically, or rotate them to any angle
  • Dynamic Text: identify text as “dynamic” and update it after publishing
  • Tag and Search: add title labels to identify and easily locate content

Lectora Online 3.1 also includes several other new and upgraded features—saving you development time, plus allowing for increased integration with Lectora 16.1 desktop.

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