xAPI in Practice – Moving Beyond SCORM to a Big Data Future

The Big Data floodgates have opened, yet most organizations have very little insight into the learning they are delivering beyond who took and completed a course. The problem is that learning technology has traditionally been unable to capture much else. The advent of the Experience API (xAPI) seeks to fundamentally change the way organizations deliver, track and measure learning.

As the learning ecosystem expands to include social, mobile, collaborative and other informal experiences, organizations need a solution to track and measure their efforts in these areas. xAPI is poised to set organizations free from the restrictions of SCORM and allow them to explore new learning opportunities.

Join David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group and John Blackmon, CTO of Trivantis as they discuss the xAPI standard and look at practical applications companies are using today.

Discussion topics include:
• What is xAPI and why does it matter?
• What are the practical applications of xAPI?
• Examples of xAPI in practice
• The future of learning standards

To view the webinar please follow this link: http://trivantis.com/recorded-webinars/brandon-hall-xapi

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