Your xAPI Questions—Answered!

Ready to implement xAPI, but not quite sure what the steps are? John Blackmon, Trivantis Chief Technology Officer, is here to save the day!

If you attended our recent webinar with the Brandon Hall Group, “xAPI in Practice – Moving Beyond SCORM to a Big Data Future,” but didn’t have time to ask all your questions, don’t worry. For this follow-up webinar John Blackmon answered all your burning xAPI questions. Expect a brief overview of xAPI and then an engaging, interactive Q&A session focused on what YOU want to know.

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  1. Profile photo of M G
    M G

    Thanks for these webinars. Trying to understand xAPI better, so, I have another question. If I watch tutorials on, is it possible to track them using xAPI? If yes, how?

  2. Profile photo of John Blackmon
    John Blackmon

    It is possible. You would need to have an LRS to report to, and your own JavaScript that sent a statement to the LRS for watching a video, perhaps with the URL of the video as the object so that it could be uniquely tracked.

    Is this something your company is looking at doing?

  3. Robert Islam

    We are setting up our own LMS. What’s the best way to go about getting the xapi functionality? Is it open source? We have courses made in articulate storyline. Thanks for your help.

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