Keep Calm and Don’t Reinvent the Wheel — Matt Lang

Keep Calm and Don’t Reinvent the Wheel


Matt Lang


At Big Lots, we have been creating eLearning courses for our Store, Home Office, and Distribution Center associates for three years. Our challenge was coming up with new and fresh ideas to make courses fun and engaging while meeting tight timelines. I’m not a graphic designer, so creating sleek graphics from scratch isn’t easy, and it’s very time consuming. I learned that I can use existing templates from eLearning Brothers and other sources to quickly and easily create fresh and exciting courses. In this session, I’ll show users just how fast and easy it is.

I will discuss and show how my team combined a template we created at Big Lots for all of our onboarding courses, along with several templates from the eLearning Brothers to create a new aesthetically appealing course for our Coolers/Freezers/EBT program. I will also share a custom game we created called Stock the Cooler. We will take users under the hood of Lectora and review the variables and interactions needed to make it all work.

As I create new courses, I feel strongly about leveraging what’s already out there. With a few simple tips and tricks, it’s easy to use existing ideas and make them your own. I’ll share tips and tricks to help users quickly create fresh and clean courses and still meet their deadlines.

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