Concrete Strategies for Building Interactive Courses — Penny Kurtz & Erica Hunter

Concrete Strategies for Building Interactive Courses


Penny Kurtz


Erica Hunter


We develop eLearning for state government. Many of the courses we build are mandated, which means that every state worker must take the course regardless of their level of interest (or lack thereof). Often the content is dry and uninteresting. Our challenge is to engage the learners and keep them involved as they work through the course. Using Lectora 12, we transform content into engaging, highly interactive courses that help the learner understand and retain the information.

Using examples from our training, we will discuss the logic and planning behind the interactions, then show learners how we built them using Lectora. We will also discuss alternative approaches that use the same programming. Examples include click to reveal content pages and a variety of interactions. Participants will leave with new ideas and insights into using Lectora to build engaging, interactive courses.

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