Photoshop 2 Lectora for Game Design — Math Notermans

Photoshop 2 Lectora for Game Design


Math Notermans


The challenge I had when writing my original script for Lectora X10 was the creation of lots and lots of pages with lots of separate elements that needed positioning in Lectora. By creating the original Photoshop 2 Lectora script, I got that down from hours of work to 1 minute.

But this of course is a very specific client-related need… in the daily routine of users of Lectora this isn’t happening so much? Well, enter the world of game-design.. assets change a lot and often, studios need to save on time spent on creating games continuously. And game design and development inside Lectora isn’t obvious yet.

If you can create reusable elements, you can quickly change and edit for new games… big winner. This session will show Lectora users how they can get quicker from design to development, but also they can use and copy my scripts for reuse.

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