• You what would be better than a quick fix from Trivantis?

    Properly testing the software before they release – so we aren’t be used as their beta testers (again)!

  • A personal review.

    Start Screen

    Stock Buttons

    Camtasia Snagit

    Disable tablet phone view
    Maybe ok, though not something a client has ever requested.

    HTML5-only publish
    I’m surprised you’re still publishing using Flash. I would prefer you actually published valid, good, accurate, correct HTML5 and not rely on last century JavaScript…[Read more]

  • Well I worked my way through the spec. I was having a lot of trouble till the wonderful guys at Rustici guided me in the right direction. I know have “complete” control over the statements that are sent/received by Lectora though I do need to manually edit the cmi5.xml file that is published so that the course is treated the way the client needs…[Read more]

  • The xAPI title I was working in was meant to be cmi5! Not too much work wasted.

    The published title is launched correctly by a dummy LMS we’ve built and the title successfully fetches an authorization token. The next thing the title needs to do is to

    “… get the ‘contextTemplate’ value from the ‘LMS.LaunchData’ State document.”

    Here I’m lost.…[Read more]

  • I’m working my way slowly through the xAPI spec and comparing it to what Lectora publishes and (not surprising) it appears it would only work in two of at least four circumstances xAPI is supposed to support: mbox; mbox_sha1sum; account; and, openid.

    BTW Lectora has code to support “ancient” browsers – which is good as some organisations resist o…[Read more]

  • Lectora lets you edit your title for a variety of separate device views: desktop, tablet, phone (landscape)… The appropriate view should display on a device eg. on a phone held in landscape the phone (landscape) view will be displayed. When you are editing the title it would be up to you, for a specific view, to move off screen (hide) any…[Read more]

  • There appears to be more than one way to authenticate a user with an xAPI published title and some of the research I’ve done indicates:

    The title is expected to do the authentication
    Titles must be capable of supporting OAuth
    Users would need an account on the LRS to use 3-legged OAuth

    So if a published xAPI title is launched by a user and…[Read more]

  • Basically there’s 3 types of testing: unit testing (testing that individual components do what they are supposed to do); integral testing (testing that components are working together as they are supposed to do); and, operational testing (testing that the app is operating as it’s supposed to).

    If the initial design was lacking then unit and…[Read more]

  • Alas, moving to a different/better product is not without it’s own downside:
    – you need time to learn how to use it
    – you need time to learn how to structure courses appropriately for your needs
    – you need time to work out the ideal format for images, audio…
    – if you use JavaScript to enhance your courses then you need to work out how to do…[Read more]

  • Perhaps some more thorough testing, before you make any future releases, is in order?

  • That seems an inappropriate (typical?) response for Lectora.  That is, instead of warning you that you are attempting to open a title with a version of Lectora that is older than the one the title was last opened/saved with, Lectora corrupts it.

  • Sorry to do this to you. Try renaming every page in your title so that the page names do not contain any spaces of other non-web friendly characters.

    There “used” to be a bug in which when Lectora compared the content that was written to that which should’ve have been written would fail because written content would be encoded to make it web…[Read more]

  • Normally, the correct route for software development is to:
    1. think of features to add
    2. design the features (UI, implementation…)
    3. add those features
    4. test the software fully, and finally
    5. release the software.

    and not

    1. think of features to add
    2. add those features
    3. release the software
    4. wait for people to complain
    5. fix bu…[Read more]

  • We’re getting a HTML5 interaction build for us that I intend to incorporate into a Lectora title. One of my colleagues also wants to use the interaction in their non-Lectora course.

    I’ve written some JavaScript that allows for communication with the Lectora title but it mustn’t run in the non-Lectora course. Is there an robust, accurate way for…[Read more]

  • Team Lectora? I wonder if they’ll tell us how many people make up Team Lectora: how many coders; how many designers; how many testers… I’ll be surprised if the number is greater than 3 😉

  • One point in Lectora’s defence, I’ve been asked to embed the HTML5 interaction we have into a Storyline 3 project. I thought that, as it works well in Lectora, that it would be trivial to do. Alas, Web Objects (equivalent to Lectora’s HTML Extensions) cannot be previewed. I need to publish the project and then upload it to a server.

    So to check…[Read more]

  • I just saw Bootstrap Studio for the first time and I got to say that it looks like it would “scare” the majority of elearning developers that only really know PowerPoint. Having said that there’s a lot about it that I like and will be using in my other work.

    No doubt Lectora’s perennial problem is “How many more sales will X amount of work…[Read more]

  • approg replied to the topic Legacy in the forum Lectora Questions & Answers 8 months ago

    Sad indeed.

    Maybe it’s like a gym where only real effort is to get new members signed up for a year – with the full knowledge that most of them won’t attend after a few weeks 🙁

  • approg replied to the topic Legacy in the forum Lectora Questions & Answers 8 months ago

    I wouldn’t do a complete rewrite (remember what happened to Netscape when they did a complete rewrite for Netscape 6 – it killed it.) Better to look where you need Lectora to be and then make multiple incremental improvements with each improvement thoroughly validated before you proceed to the next. For example:

    which browsers do we need to s…[Read more]

  • approg started the topic Legacy in the forum Lectora Questions & Answers 8 months ago

    When I look through the code that Lectora produces I see:

    artefacts from “last century”
    references to Internet Explorer 8 (which came in in 2009 and was superseded by IE 9 in 2011)
    deprecated and other unnecessary JavaScript functions

    and I wonder how many people are using Lectora 16, 17 or 18 and don’t use a modern browser (anything less…[Read more]

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