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    - "@candaceid – Thanks for expressing interest in joining the French Lectora User Group! I notice that you are based in the US. Parlez-vous français? Just want to make sure that I am approving those who will add […]"View

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    - "In case you’re in here… HI! 🙂"View

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    - "Time for that vacation! Happy 4th everyone."View

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    - "@jvalley4735 BOOM. (sorry so belated, but have at it, Community!)"View

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    - "Hi, Everyone, we just launched a new template package, that includes only interactive test templates. If your company needs a very well designed test page layouts check it out. Description: […]"View

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    - "@towers9815 The Lectora Online and Responsive Course Design beta is now open!"View

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    - "I’m currently developing a routine to convert ToolBook legacy content to Lectora titles. Please share this with people that you think maybe interested – thanks."View

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    - "The problem is that my zipped scorm package when loaded in an LMS doesn’t display the same as what I can see in my local review. For some reason no images or buttons or I can’t navigate using the drop down list. […]"View

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    - "The Lectora User Conference was a great experience, both as an attendee and as a presenter. I had an opportunity to discuss some tech issues with some of the Trivantis team and as well as programmers from […]"View

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