• fashola Ashi posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    @timk Hi, I my published content in scorm is showing half page TABLET but complete page on the other devices. How do i correct this error? Thank you.

    • That’s difficult to find out without seeing the title. I think on tablets pages are set to be centered in the browser. If you display a left-justified page on a tablet it may be that the mobile browser makes the page start in the middle of the window, i.e. the top left corner of the page is horizontally centered. Then the right half of the page would be pushed out of view.
      Did you set your title to be responsive? Things like that shouldn’t happen for responsive titles.
      If no, go to the Title Options and check “Enable Responsive Title”.
      If yes, maybe your LMS influences the page alignment?
      I’d contact Trivantis support, they’ll be able to help you if something’s wrong with the responsive output.

      Best regards