• Reginald Gite posted an update 4 years, 2 months ago

    OK members, If you could offer some assistance to resolve an issue I’m having it would be great. This issue has occurred on multiple titles and I’m at a lost to why. Some background information to start: We have about 100 of these courses to do so I have created a template to reduce development time and eliminate issues from creeping in. Each title is a series of video clips with a 20 question test. So here is the scenario, when I run the title in (Lectora Inspire) “Run Mode”, “Preview Mode” or “Preview in Browser” (either IE11 or Chrome) the title executes perfectly with no problems. Which is ok, however after uploading the SCORM file to our LMS (Cornerstone) and executing the title, everything is fine until the first test page is displayed. When it is displayed (in either IE11 or Chrome) within the LMS the page has no formatting, the template images and background are not shown and none of the navigation controls or buttons are displayed, just a white page with black text, and no formatting at all. This series of courses we are modifying them from one long video to a title with multiple short video clips. So what I’m doing is copying the test questions from the orginal title (at the Page level) 1 – 10 and pasting them in the working template which will be renamed to match the course name. The multiple video clip section works ok. Other courses I have uploaded to our LMS using this template are executing Ok, and I have reviewed the template but cannot find any discrepancy. Has anyone experienced this issue before? I’m open to ideas and suggestions.