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    - "@candaceid – Thanks for expressing interest in joining the French Lectora User Group! I notice that you are based in the US. Parlez-vous français? Just want to make sure that I am approving those who will add […]"View

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    - "@jasonadal Glad you are blazing a trail for me… seems like every time I research how to do something… you’ve already done it for me! THX!"View

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    - "The problem is that my zipped scorm package when loaded in an LMS doesn’t display the same as what I can see in my local review. For some reason no images or buttons or I can’t navigate using the drop down list. […]"View

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    - "Testing. Will delete."View

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    - "@timk Hi, I my published content in scorm is showing half page TABLET but complete page on the other devices. How do i correct this error? Thank you."View

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    - "I’m new to the Trivantis Community and I’m having an issue in trying to limit the number of times an individual can take a quiz/CBT to only once. I’ve read to where you can limit the number of attempts to answer […]"View

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    - "@mkitzul1093 , i really want to have especial and private discussion ,can you write me here ,"View

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