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    Great discussion on storyboarding! One of the ways I use it, beyond the authoring tool, is for project management. Lately, I have been doing a lot of PM and organization is always a critical aspect to that role. In what ways do you engage your PM hat? Are there any special tools you utilize. One of the tools I use to help keep tasks on track is Microsoft Project. But, I also use PPT for help in this area also, which makes it easier for Andy Lockwood (my developer partner) engage Lectora.


    • I use OneNote a lot in keeping track of my tasks. There is a feature in OneNote that let’s you create To-Do lists. When starting a new project, I will have the same main three tasks. Then I divide further from there.
      For example, for each video I have the below three tasks.
      – Script
      – Video
      – Edit

      • I love OneNote! Matt, thank you for sharing this resource. I use this for my personal organization at work as well as my academic life as a doctoral student. It is a great way to keep track of research, edited versions of things, as well as seeing the sequence of things.

        So, from a PM perspective this might be a good tool to help get a grasp on content and how to break up tasks. It is a great tool for SMEs and IDers to use. It was the tool we used to create the content outline for our big CRT coursework project. From this document came all of the modules and activities we are creating using the Lectora authoring tool and Coursemill LMS.

        Thanks! 🙂