Responsive Course Design in Lectora

Responsive Course Design is coming to Lectora! You will be able to develop new titles—and modify existing ones—for the best viewing experience across all devices and orientations, including:

• Desktop monitors/laptops,
• Tablets (landscape or portrait) and
• Smartphones (landscape or portrait).

Build once and publish once with Responsive Course Design. Register now for this webinar to hear from John Blackmon, Trivantis’s Chief Technology Officer, about how Lectora’s Responsive Course Design will work.

Results Designer

Custom Test Results

Lectora and Lectora Online allow you to show custom test results by determining the behavior of quizzes/tests including whether test results will be shown to the student. With the Results Designer, how results are displayed is completely customizable. You can choose what data to show, the order in which the data is presented, how the text is styled, and even embed images within the results.

Lectora Trivantis Community

Trigger: Device Rotation and Variable: Current View

With Lectora’s Responsive Course Design you can control what information is provided to you learners depending on the type of device – desktop, tablet or smartphone – and orientation they are using. Current View the variable contains the name of the device and orientation currently being used to view the title. This will be one of the following values: Desktop, PhonePortrait, PhoneLandscape, TabletPortrait, and TabletLandscape. The Device Rotation trigger executes the action when the orientation of the user’s tablet or phone is rotated, for example from horizontal/landscape to vertical/portrait. Actions with this trigger can be applied to organizational levels, such as the title, chapters, sections, and pages, and the object level (images, buttons, and text).