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Hi there,

A year or so back I was asked by a client to create a panoramic piece of content whereby objects appear on the screen across a scrolling background. In the event the project did not progress but I have been thinking about how we develop content. 

There is much talk about attempting to get away from the tyranny of the click next button, and developing e-learning content that more closely matches how we view other web content. Lectora, in common with PowerPoint, is based upon a screen-by-screen basis, whereby the learner has to perform an action to move on to the next piece of content on the next screen.

I thought it might be interesting to revisit that project from a few years back, especially as there are now several things more you can do with Lectora more easily such as have objects move on to the page, and a wider range of animation effects.

Anyway, this is the result. I would be interested in people’s views, and feel free to reuse the Lectora files if you wish. 

Preview image



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    Zoa Bonofiglio

    This is pretty slick! I love it. What a great way to consider interactive infographs as well as user experience. MIND BLOWN! 🙂

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