Add Font Awesome to your Lectora file

Add Font Awesome font icons to your Lectora title.

Preview image



  1. Profile photo of Jorge Pineda
    Jorge Pineda

    Is it possible for my participants to view the fonts correctly if they don’t download it to their PC?

  2. Profile photo of Tara Medeiros
    Tara Medeiros

    Yes. You need to select the “convert to image” option from the text properties. This will render the text as a graphic instead and display your custom font even if the participant doesn’t have it downloaded. You would need to do this for all text blocks.

  3. Profile photo of jayseventwo
    jayseventwo Post author

    Hi guys, if you use the font as a “Webfont” (which is how this example is done), then the font will be packaged up with your course, and will be downloaded to your clients computer when needed. You do not need to “convert to image” any of your text.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  4. Profile photo of Markku T
    Markku T

    Hi, thanks for the example.
    Unfortunately I can’t get the icons to work on edit mode. After pasting the icon to lectora and changing the font to Font Awsome, the icon just dissapears. When I switch to preview mode the icons are working normally. Can you help me please? Thanks!

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