Blurred Spot Issue in Iphone


Recently we bought Lectora License. We are Testing the tool. Present version we are using is 17.04

We are facing with one issue.

When we publish the course by checking the option “Publish for Seamless Play” a blurred spot is being appeared on Iphone as shown in the attached screenshot. Once i uncheck the option “Publish for Seamless Play” and publish the blurred spot will not appear on Iphone, but it will effect the orientation in Ipad.

Can anyone please help me out. Not able to find exactly what could be the issue.


Preview image



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    Ramsantosh CH Post author


    Blurred spot issue we are facing on Iphone 4s, 5s, 6+ & 6s.

    Ramsantosh Kumar

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    Lea Thompson

    Hi Ramsantosh, can you submit a support case for this? I haven’t seen this issue before so I’d like to investigate it and get a copy of your source files.

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    Ramsantosh CH Post author

    Hello Lea,

    Thanks for responding. What is the process to submit a support case? Can you please guide me.


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    Randy Meredith

    Try publishing without Seamless play.

    This issue occurs for us when we publish to our Cornerstone LMS and run on mobile devices. IT doesn’t occur when published to No seamless play solved it for us.

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