Breaks in variables

The course demonstrates how a commenting feature may be set up, so users can take and print notes.

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  1. Profile photo of Wendy Miller
    Wendy Miller

    Nice Tim! Much better than mine! I swear I tried adding /r and /n and a few others in my variable value and could never get it to work! :-\ Maybe I needed to double it??

  2. Profile photo of Tim K
    Tim K Post author

    I just doubled it because i thought it would look better, but it’s possible to use only one. You should try with \r instead of /r 😉

  3. Profile photo of Knorberg

    Just wonder using this, suddenly the print funk is only printing screendumps. Any Idea?

  4. Profile photo of KsElement

    This is great! I did not think of this possibility! Thank you!

    The /r/r or \r did not work for me either, but just hitting the enter bar twice i front of the text worked.

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