Change Text Size Menu Example

This sample title contains a drop-down list object, actions, and script that will allow you to change the size of the text in any text block without scaling the entire page. This is useful for titles that need to be WCAG/508 compliant.

To use it, copy and paste the Drop-down List object, External HTML Object header script, Change Text Size action group, and the OnShowRunActGrp Change Text Size action into the root of your title so that these objects will be inherited by all pages. Then, for each text block that you want the menu to affect, assign the CSS class name “WCAGtext” and check the Vertical Scroll option. The last page of this sample title explains how to assign a CSS class.

Click the Download Lectora File button to download the AWT for Lectora Desktop (v11 or higher) or click the Change_Text_Size_Menu_Example button to download the Lectora Online package.

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Additional files: Change_Text_Size_Menu_Example

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