Character Dialog Interaction

This is a scenario style character dialog interaction with two characters. The learner must choose the correct response to a situation.

To use a Lectora Online Library Object (.wwo), select Library Objects > Insert a Library Object on the Tools ribbon. On the dialog box that opens, click the Import From File button and browse to the .wwo file you want to import. Once the file is located, click the Import button and the Library Object will expand in the Title Explorer of the current title automatically.

To use a Lectora Desktop Library Object (.awo), simply drag and drop the .awo file into the open Lectora application and it will expand in the Title Explorer of the current title automatically.

For more information about using, saving, reusing, and sharing Lectora Library Objects for both Lectora Desktop and Lectora Online, see this article from the Knowledge Base.

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  1. Katie

    This is really cool! However, I find when I try to drag the file into my project, nothing happens. Is there a chance that this is because I’m using the trial version? There have been some great interactions/templates posted here that I don’t seem to be able to transpose onto my workspace.

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley

      This particular example is for our desktop application. Are you by any chance using Lectora Online? If so the files are not compatible. If not, then try importing it into the media library before dragging it in to the course.

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