Closed Caption Video Example

This one-page title provides an example of a video that includes closed caption text for Section 508 and WCAG compliance. The closed_caption.xml document attached via the Add Captions button on the video Properties ribbon demonstrates how you can also style the text of the captions. Click the Download Lectora File button on the right to download the Lectora Desktop version, or the Closed_Caption_Video_Example button below the image to download the Lectora Online version.

See this blog entry by Daryl Fleary for an excellent tutorial on adding closed captions to audio and video.

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Additional files: Closed_Caption_Video_Example

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    1. Profile photo of Wendy Miller
      Wendy Miller Post author

      Hi Jurg,
      Yes, it is true that closed captions do not work on iOS or Android right now. That is because HTML5 is used to play video on mobile devices rather than the Flash-based player that is capable of interpreting the closed caption markup. However, the Lectora developers tell me that they are looking at implementing a new non-Flash based player that will be closed caption capable in the near future. It probably will not make it into the version 16 release next month, but possibly in version 16.1.

      In the meantime, you might try adding event cues to the video that trigger show or change contents actions of text that is layered on top of the video. I have not tried this myself yet, but it should work in theory.

      1. Profile photo of Jurg van der Vlies
        Jurg van der Vlies

        Great to hear! I am looking forward to these updates as they will improve subtitling video’s. Thank you for your reply!

        1. Profile photo of Wendy Miller
          Wendy Miller Post author

          Hi Jurg,
          I just wanted to let you know that I got confirmation from the developers that the new HTML5-based video player will indeed be in the Lectora v16.1 release later this quarter. 🙂

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