Conditional Test Results in Lectora 16.1

Tim K. posted a sample on “How to use different settings for the display of test results.

Thanks, Tim.

This question does get asked from time-to-time: “How can you display full results for a passed test and only the score for a failed test.” Using “dummy tests” as described in Tim’s post was the only way to accomplish this in Lectora 16.0 and earlier versions. However, now with the new test results in Lectora 16.1 this is very easy to do.

All you need to do is place a “On Show” action on the results page to skip ahead to a score-only page if the test is not passed. Take a look at the attached sample.

Preview image

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  1. Profile photo of Richard White
    Richard White

    Daryl, I see the call on Test Results to go to a pass or fail page, but on the Test Conclusion, I don’t see any add variable for the score on the text blocks. How does the score replace the text VAR(Test_1_Score)%

  2. Profile photo of Daryl Fleary
    Daryl Fleary Post author

    That is the new inline variable replacement feature. (New with Lectora 16.) When Lectora/Lectora Online sees VAR() in the text it knows to replace that with the identified variable, in this case, the Test_1_Score.

  3. Profile photo of Kimberly Nocito
    Kimberly Nocito

    So happy I found this post! I am having difficulty with an assignment I created in Lectora and publishing to Healthstream our LMS. If a student fails the test it is showing up as completed in the LMS and not reassigning to try again.

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