Conditional Test Results – RCD

With the new Test Results Object introduced in both Lectora 16.1 and Lectora Online 3.1, you can actually have more than one of these objects on the Test Results page and choose which one to show using a conditional action. For instance, this example has two Test Results Objects on the Test Results page. When the student passes the test, the “Pass Results” object is shown which includes the student’s answer. When the test is failed, the “Fail Results” object is shown instead. The “Fail Results” object does NOT include the student’s answer.

For more information about using the Test Results Objects, read this article:

To download the Lectora desktop version of this example, click the Download Lectora File button. To download the Lectora Online version, click the Conditional_Test_Results button below the image.

Both versions of this title are fully responsive for desktop and mobile devices. You can preview it on your device by capturing this QR code.




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Additional files: Conditional_Test_Results

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