Countdown Audio onDone

Andrew apparently had an issue with onDone action on a audio,

Well recreated it, and works fine for me.. all 15 times 😉

Issue i run into though, is that my approach wont work in Chrome … 😉
Hope this helps Andrew….

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    Math Notermans Post author

    Hi Andrew, in Chrome in presume. Not in IE or FF…

    Noticed indeed quite some issues on Chrome. Just playing once. Somehow it has to do with the flashplugin…

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    Andrew Lian

    Sorry I was not clear. By RUN mode, I mean NOT in a browser of any kind but inside Lectora itself. On my system, it does not seem to be a browser issue as it breaks even inside Lectora. There has been a recent problem with Flash in Windows recently and this did have an effect on Lectora itself. I wonder if this is still part of the same problem or a new one – with Flash rather than a browser.

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    Math Notermans Post author

    Hi Andrew,

    No problem. Actually i seldom use Run Mode due to the fact that in the end my users always see the courses in a browser. So to ensure i test early on the appropriate platform i ignore Run and Preview Mode inside Lectora most of the times and use Preview Page in Browser instead. Nevertheless i did test my audio test just now both in Run Mode as in Preview Mode and both work fine.

    I just checked Trivantis website for some more info on Run Mode and Preview Mode, and as i allready suspected…since L12 those 2 modes use the webengine of your default browser. I do have Firefox setup as my default browser, so Lectora uses FF when i use Runmode or Previewmode… and it thus works fine… you probably have setup Chrome as your default browser, thus Lectora uses Chrome..and in Chrome it does not work properly… indeed due to a Flash issue. Search the web for Chrome , audio not playing etc. and you will find dozens of hits.

    Kind regards,

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