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problems with counter and showing/hiding labels.

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    Andy Lockwood

    I don’t know what you are specifically trying to trouble shoot, but I thought I would try to assist:

    If you are trying to control your labels, I would check the settings when clicking on one of the hotspots. Most of them seem to work fine except the fridge/freezer. That one keeps appearing.

    You might also want to add another variable set. Yes it will be more work, but if you add a second variable to each hotspot that identifies whether or not that hotspot has been clicked, you can add a condition to the counter variable that keeps the score from racking up without end.

    For example:
    Hotspot variable [this is the action that reports to the variable adding numbers to your counter]
    On click:
    Modify variable:
    Target: _name of counter variable
    Type: Add to variable
    Value: 1

    Add a second variable
    On click
    Modify Variable:
    Target: Hotspot switch 1 (you can repeat this for each hotspot, but you’ll need 1 variable for each hotspot)
    Type: Set equal to
    Value: 1

    So now you have 1 variable adding to your counter, and one “switch” that goes from 0 to 1.
    Now, add a condition to your Hotspot variable that says “ADD to the counter IF the hotspot switch is equal to 0, ELSE do nothing”

    What you should get is a hotspot that only adds to the counter IF it hasn’t added to the counter once already.

    Good luck!

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