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This is a course template, intended for a short course (10-20) pages with a drop down menu that displays all pages, uses the status indicators and is set up so you cannot jump ahead to pages you have not yet visited or completed. You can use the menu to re-visit completed pages in any order, at any time. This course also contains an assessment that keeps track of skipped questions, displaying a warning showing all skipped question numbers prior to submitting (so you can return to those questions to answer them).

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Additional files: Short Course Template

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    Roz Schwartz Post author

    With this course template, you can design a short course with standard forward and back navigation, but uses a menu that does not allow the learner to jump ahead, but can freely return to any previously-visited page. This template also includes an assessment that allows you to skip questions (acts like a “paper test”). At the end and prior to submitting, if there are any skipped questions, the page displays a warning and lists all skipped question numbers. The learner can then back up to the skipped questions to answer them if they want to, with the ability to jump directly back to the Submit page.

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    Joe Payne

    If only Lectora would do this for their own TOC !!! Very impresive knowledge of Lectora (conditions, hide/show bookmarks), I will need to check to see if it will work for my accessibility needs, the status indicators need to be renamed to describe the page they are pointing at, example, “Page XX-1 Status” or “Welcome Page Status” and Always on Top turned off and tab order checked. A great short course template that needs a accessment at the end!

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      Roz Schwartz Post author

      The template is not compatible with Lectora Online? The AWT should be compatible, so I can send you or post the template AWT, zipped.

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      Roz Schwartz Post author

      Trav, the attached additional file is a Lectora Online PKG file. Hopefully this will work for you.

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    Hi Roz, do you still have this available for download? Would certainly save some time if you do. The link above just displays code. Thank you.

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    Roz Schwartz Post author

    To sigep1995: I realize this response/comment is a long time coming; I have been away for some time and have just recently returned into this forum. You can download the file using the Download Lectora File button. The file is in the form of an AWP which is a Lectora template. To use it, you can start a new file and Create from Template. You may have to first import it, then you can use it.

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