Current Time Password Locker

I’ve attached a sample of the file I’m using. Right this moment I’m trying to add a current time variable to my password entry field, under the instructor locked out popup group that will become the password to unlock the group. Which will then close and return the user to page where they left off (so if they have already in processed a date, the information would still be there. If they have done nothing, it would be like they have refreshed the page.) Either way the Wrong Selection and Lock Out Group will start their count outs all over again.   Below is the only bit of code I’m aware that would capture the current time that may work with most of the browsers, but I’m unsure where to place it. If there’s something simpler or easier please don’t hesitate to send it my way.   var cow= VarTimeAsNumber.value; var cow2string = String(cow); var CowMinusOne = cow2string.slice(0, -3); Number(CowMinusOne); var cow123 = CowMinusOne.replace(/[^0-9]/g, ” ); VarTimeAsNumber.set(cow123);  

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