Branching Scenario Example by Diane Elkins: Resolving Customer Conflict

This Lectora branching scenario example comes from the article “Using Branching to Put Your Learner in the Driver’s Seat of the Story,” by Diane Elkins, founder of Artisan E-Learning and co-author of the popular E-Learning Uncovered book series. This article is a chapter of the Keys to Storytelling in eLearning Trivantis eBook.

Thanks to Diane Elkins for contributing this chapter in our eBook, along with the Lectora branching scenario example! You can preview the sample here or download the Lectora files to see exactly how Diane created it.

Here’s an excerpt from Diane’s chapter:

…Remember those choose-your-own-adventure books you read as a child? You’d read a section of the story, and then YOU would get to pick what the character does next. If you want him to open the door, go to page 43. If you want him to keep walking, go to page 63. Having choices made the book fun and exciting.

In eLearning, letting the learner make choices IS fun and exciting, but it’s more than that. Most corporate training is there to help people make real decisions on the job. Do you approve this request or not? Do you use this piece of equipment or that one? Do you say what you want to say to that angry customer or what you should say?

A simple multiple-choice question with feedback can meet this need. But if you want to truly immerse your learners in the story (and into the real-world consequences of their choices), you can set that up with a branching scenario…

Download the eBook, Keys to Storytelling in eLearning, to read the rest of this article, plus more tips and strategies on using storytelling to engage your learners.

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