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I built a course from start to finish using Lectora® Inspire 17 and the eLearning Brothers Template Library, Cutout People Library, and Interaction Builder during the Get Started in Lectora Templates With eLearning Brothers webinar.

Attached is the text file and question and answer key.

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    Julia Noll

    Hi, I like the sample course. I downloaded the Lectora file and saved it in My Documents. Before I could open it, I had to remove almost all resources. The result: a title stripped of images, completely bare. What did I do wrong? I am using v17.1.3
    Thank you!

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley Post author

      In order to successfully use the course, you need to make sure the AWT and all associated file folders (images, extern, etc) remain intact. The system uses these folders to pull resources. I would remove the down and try again. If there’s a specific reason why you had to remove the resources please let me know and I can help troubleshoot.

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