Drag drop multiple elements

A golden oldie. Made in V11, quickly converted it to 16 now. Solution for Javascript is not very beautifull…but heck…i started with it then only 😉

PS. i dont know whether the sources will upload. Its big and i now didnot have time to get rid of all not used images. Probably will make a new and better version soon.. V16 and V17

PPS. Indeed Lectora file to big… will fix that later and reupload…

Preview image



  1. Profile photo of Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson

    Are you able to lock out the previous and next buttons until the correct or incorrect message is presented? I used a single drag and drop question with one variable. For some reason the next button cannot be enabled by the presentation of the correct or incorrect message.

  2. Profile photo of Math Notermans
    Math Notermans Post author

    Yes you can. Either by directly disabling it in Lectora or by using a invisible blockerelement on top that prevents acting on a button. The sample above has no next or previous pages so that wont work there anyway.
    If you share a sample of what you want to achieve someone can and will help for sure…

  3. Sarah Chapman

    I tried to publish and run it, but it didn’t want to work for me. But, nice looking interaction!

  4. Profile photo of Math Notermans
    Math Notermans Post author

    Lectora file was not correct uploaded. Too big. 20Mb allowed, was 45Mb.. Working on a similar new solution 16/17 like this…

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