DragDrop wit z-Index

Tanya wanted to get a fix for the default order of drag and drop items in a title. In the title-explorer its always a fixed order. If you however want elements to be always on top when someone drags it…so the last dragged item should be on top…you can do that with some Javascript magic. Like in this quickly mocked up cardgame… No prices guaranteed.

Preview image

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  1. Douwe

    Math, THANKS A LOT, this solves a problem!

    But really, isn’t it UNBELIEVABLE that we have to repair drag and drop questions ourselves this with extra scripting…

    @Lectora, please take a good look at the Articulate drag and drop questions. That’s functionality! The standard Lectora drag and drop seems to come from the last century.

  2. Douwe Harder

    Math, THANKS A LOT, this solves a problem!

    It’s a pity that this isnot standard Lectora Online functionality!

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