Enveloppe Animation

On the forum was asked for links to animations. Allthough i linked to several sites, it is not easy to find exactly what you need/want. Most stock animations are video based. When your good in AfterEffects or other postprocessing tools you can adapt any stock animation to what you need.  Offcourse i can help ( and will ). So made a ‘enveloppe’ animation with which anyone can play.

Several things to watch though. When using video, you have limited options on interactivity and transparancy. When you use the spritesheet approach it is tougher to make, and getting the y-position ( in IE ) correct is tough.

A few other options open on animation in Lectora. Scripted animation ( with GSAP or any other Javascript library ) and the use of SVG. I have been playing a bit with SVG and animation in Lectora and got some quite good results. I will probably show some of these tricks on LUC2016 in my presentation.

Preview image

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