Flowchart Interaction with Visited State Buttons

A flowchart is an effective way to represent how a process works and to explain the decisions guiding that process. You can build a flowchart interaction using only native Lectora and Lectora Online shapes and text buttons.

While a true “visited” state for native Lectora buttons is still in the works, this interaction demonstrates one way to show that a piece of information has already been shown, or that a button has already been clicked. Each button group contains two buttons representing “visited” and “unvisited” states. When the “unvisited” button is clicked, the “visited” button is shown and the “unvisited” button is hidden.

To download the Lectora v16 AWT file, click the Download Lectora File button on this page. To download the Lectora Online PKG, click the “Login Process Flowchart with Visited State Buttons” button beneath the preview image.


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      Hi Kendra,

      Click the Preview button at the top right side of the page to preview the published version. Or click the Download Lectora File button to download the Lectora 16 .awt. Or click the Login Process Flowchart with Visited States Buttons below the preview image to download the Lectora Online .pkg.

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