Getting Started with ReviewLink

Use this Getting Started ReviewLink tutorial to review the steps you’ll need to take to get started with ReviewLink.

Learn all about the Review Cycle, Uploading Content, Inviting Reviewers, and Gathering Feedback.

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  1. Profile photo of Jane Miller
    Jane Miller

    It was not easy to find the tutorial. The preview wasn’t it. The Download Lectora File wasn’t it. I finally stumbled on it, but now that I’m out, I’m not sure how I can find it again. FOr an elearning company, this was astoundingly bad form.

  2. Profile photo of Trivantis Support
    Trivantis Support Post author

    Hi Jane,

    Did the Preview button not work for you? We created the “Getting Started with ReviewLink” tutorial as a Lectora course. When you click Preview it should launch the course. The Download is a copy of the Lectora source files used to build the tutorial.

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