Image-based Question Examples

This title contains 4 examples of how you can create image-based questions. For True or False, Multiple Choice, or Multiple Response questions, you would normally interact with the standard radio buttons or check boxes. In these examples, we’re hiding the interactive parts of the question objects and using Image Buttons instead. We then pass the learner’s answers into the Question variables using either a Change Contents action or a Modify Variable action.

Each question page also contains a group of images that show or hide when a button has been selected or deselected.

Download the Lectora v16 AWT file by clicking the Download Lectora File button, or download the Lectora Online PKG by clicking the Image_based_Questions_LO3 button beneath the preview image.

Preview image
Additional files: Image_based_Questions_LO3

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  1. Profile photo of David Jumeau
    David Jumeau

    Very well done. There is a lot of potential to create more complex and tracked interactivity. I did something similar in other rapid elearning tools.

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