Interactive – Click & Find Data Security Issues

This interactive screen was used in a training module regarding Information & Data Security.  Click on items that appear to be potential data security issues to find 6 issues.  Find the correct 6 items and get a message that explains more about the item.  Try to move forward before finding all six and you will get a pop-up message to keep trying.  After you find all six you will get a message that you have completed it and you can move forward.  The variable set-up in this could be expanded for a bigger search or you could change the graphics and text and turn it into something completely different.  Hope somebody else can find a good use for it.  BTW – the awesome graphics are from eLearning Brothers.

Preview image

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    Rhonda Catalino Post author

    Thank you Sergey! After attending Lectora Extreme in Ft. Lauderdale I was able to build this from scratch. I have discovered the possibilities are endless…

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