Krays Kill List

Kray had a Kill List. Solved that. Main issue with his approach was probably the ‘tough to oversee’ conditions. Trying to get his working straight away failed for me too. So i first setup a simple approach with just numbers in the list, when i got that working i added a page with his texts and conditions.

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    Math Notermans Post author

    One side note… doesnot work ( go ask Microsoft why ) in IE. Does work in Edge and all other browsers.

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    Andy Krayenhagen

    Hey Math! Thanks for the help, however this will not work for me. I am creating a learning model for a particular class and trying to recreate how a website works, so I need the list to be the way it is. Though my boss was helping me out and I think we’ve come up with a work around. I will share if I can, when it’s complete.

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    Math Notermans Post author

    ? Now im confused. What you exactly want to show then, because lists on websites seldom show a textblock. The setup as i made it, is more like that actually.

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