Lectora Inspire SCORM package not completeing

Hi there,

I have created a course using Lectora Inspire, published as SCORM 1.2. In the Moodle LMS it works fine and will change to complete/passed when the score is 100.

However when testing it in SCORM cloud and Oracle Learning Management System it stays as incomplete, even when the score is 100.

I created a short sample file just 1 question (so as to test that the main file I made had not become to complicated), this is attached.  And this has the same issue

Has any one else had any issues with the SCORM 1.2 content not recognising as complete in SCORM cloud/OLM

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    Jennifer Valley

    I’m not familiar with uploading to Moodle or ScormCloud but is there a possibility that they use different status wording to tell the system when a course is passed or failed? I know it can vary from completed, Completed, complete, Complete, passed, Passed, pass, or Pass,

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    I had a similar problem just this week. As Jennifer has indicated above the SCORM accepted by a particular product does seem to vary. I had used “complete” and it functioned properly in SCORMCloud but not in my company’s SABA LMS. I had to use “completed.” This did through an error from our LMS when the API call was made which did help narrow down the issue.

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    Mark McMillan

    Hello I had a similar problem when publishing from scorm and trying to upload into our LMS(Acadis) I discovered with help from Stephanie(help desk) that adding the AU caused a problem and once I took out the AU and created a standard rather than scorm presentation the time, grade and completed status all worked fine.

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