Lectora player with page-2-page transitions

Allready shared a basic setup on this principle on how to get better page transitions within Lectora. This is a more worked out version with several types of page transitions in it. On top there is a dropdown selection where you can select the possible transitions. For now limited to fade, cardflip, slide and scale. Actually i did have a ‘blur’-transition setup.. blurring a page, focusing on the new one.. But ripped it out because not 100% foolproof yet. I would love if Trivantis really checked out this approach and see if they could improve/incorporate page-transitions in some way to look like this 😉

Preview image

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    Math Notermans Post author

    PS. when you change the transition you do need to refresh the page…cause else it uses the default ‘fade’.
    Noticing a slight delay online, thus showing some flicker still… well thats timing and finetuning…

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    Math Notermans Post author

    Another good option, especially for scenes and scenarios might be a one-page-scrolling/tweening page.
    Guess i will make a sample of that soon…

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