Maze Interaction for Lectora Online

This is a Lectora Online Library Object for the excellent interaction that @wendymiller posted. (

Its a fun way to present a short quiz. The interaction contains 5 questions that the learner must answer to reach the end of the maze. The questions are presented randomly and will repeat until all questions are answered correctly.

One note: If you move the location of the interaction on the page from its original position, be sure to update the values of the _startX and _startY variables to the new starting X and Y location of the avatar.

The download is a Lectora Online Library Object (.wwo) . To use the library object, click on the “Library Objects” tab, and then click on “Import”, and it will expand in the Title Explorer automatically. For more information about using, saving, reusing, and sharing Lectora Library Objects for both Lectora Desktop and Lectora Online, see this article from the Knowledge Base.

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