Multi-field Fill In The Blank Questions

I often get asked, “How can I create a Fill in the Blank question that contains multiple blanks?” With Lectora desktop V11 and higher and Lectora Online V2 it’s easier than ever! Just add the required number of entry fields to your page, then collect the variable values from each (using the Advanced Text Edit dialog) and force that into the question’s (hidden) answer field. The attached Library Object contains two different approaches to a Fill-in-the-Blank question containing multiple blanks.

Full disclosure: I cannot take the credit for these great examples. The credit goes to Daryl Fleary, @dfleary. Thanks, Daryl! 🙂

To use a Lectora Online Library Object (.wwo), select Library Objects > Insert a Library Object on the Tools ribbon. On the dialog box that opens, click the Import From File button and browse to the .wwo file you want to import. Once the file is located, click the Import button and the Library Object will expand in the Title Explorer of the current title automatically.

To use a Lectora Desktop Library Object (.awo), simply drag and drop the .awo file into the open Lectora application and it will expand in the Title Explorer of the current title automatically.

For more information about using, saving, reusing, and sharing Lectora Library Objects for both Lectora Desktop and Lectora Online, see this article from the Knowledge Base.

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Additional files: Multi_Field_FITB_LO.wwo

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  1. Profile photo of Sharon Lam
    Sharon Lam

    I’m new to Lectora. Can you tell me how to view your files with Lectora vX.6. Thank!!!

    1. Profile photo of Wendy Miller
      Wendy Miller Post author

      Hi Sharon,

      Most of the shared content on this site was created (so far as of August 2015) in Lectora v11, v12 , or Lectora Online v2. So I cannot guarantee that any of it will work as expected in Lectora vX.6. However, I did just try opening the v11 Library Object for this fill in the blank example in an old install I have of vX.6, and it did seem to work. To open it in vX.6, you need to have a Title already open in the application (it can be a new blank title) and then drag and drop the .awo file into the application and it will expand in the Title Explorer automatically. .awo is a Lectora desktop Library Object, and .wwo is a Lectora Online Library Object. So be sure to download the .awo file rather than .wwo if you are using the desktop application.

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