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On the forum ‘Switalba’ started a topic about an Online Journal. Really liked the idea and concept, and started thinking about how to realize something like that. My first attempt was using xApi, but that failed due too lack of proper resources to get deeper into xApi. John a few days ago replied with links that promise more, so i for sure will dive onto that too. So when i failed in getting it done with xApi, i started searching for some good cloudbased database to easily connect with using javascript. My oh my, i really found a treasure !! Firebase ( ), a really well setup cloudbased database that is really easy and fun to use. I been working on this ( on and off ) for 2 days now, and allthough i have only scratched the surface of it, i had a connection with Lectora running within a half hour! Furthermore …. its realtime and incredibly fast. I do think i am gonna make a multi-user game sample to show on LUC.

Ok, back to the journal. Its a one page journal where a user can login/register, choose a badge/avatar and then write/read comments of other users that have been inthere. All is saved… quick and realtime… For now it is limited to saving 1 comment…if you change it, it will update it. All other users that have been inthere are shown as small avatars on the rightside…and you can click anyone of those to see the comments they added.

It is a proof of concept. No security on login whatsoever, but Firebase has good options there. A few other nice tricks inthere too… A lot of Javascript use, so as is, not for non-javascript users. Allthough i do think Firebase is that good, i could create some templates that use it, and are good reusable for less-experienced javascript developers.

Wish you all Big Eggs for Easter…

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    John Blackmon

    Pretty cool stuff! Just tried it and added a comment.

    For the Responsive Design aspect of the title, you want to stay away from using those full size “landscape mode” backgrounds, and use a repeating background with a header and a footer that is set as “from bottom”. Then that would look right in all device types without having to make any changes.

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