‘Personalized’ eLearning Course

This course shell is designed to be used in a re-certification process.  It is setup in a way that allows the learner to opt to take a Pre-Test and possibly be able to skip content that they already know, or they can opt to not take the Pre-Test and review all of the learning content before taking the final test.

Assuming the learner opts to take the Pre-Test, after submitting the test, the course will display to the learner what, if anything, they got wrong.  

  • If all sections were passed, the course is marked as complete and the learner exits.  
  • If they did not pass one or more sections, the learner will be displayed which sections were not passed and will be directed to the content only for those sections which were not passed

The learner will review only the content which they missed in the pre-test, or view all of the content if they chose to on the first page..  Content that was passed on the Pre-Test will not be displayed to them.  After reviewing the content, the learner will be sent onto the Final Test.

In the Final Test, the learner will only have to take the sections that they did not pass on the pre-test.  Same as with the Pre-Test, if they pass the test, then the course will be marked as complete and the learner can exit.  If they failed one or more sections, they will be displayed which sections were failed and will have to review the content and take that part of the Final Test again.



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