PUT Pop Up Textbox

This is a simple but very useful group of objects.  PUTs allow you to have additional content on the page when screen real estate is at a premium.

This is a one page demo on how you can use PUTs in your Lectora Titles.


Preview image



  1. Profile photo of Darrel Somoza
    Darrel Somoza

    Hey, Peter. You made a lot good stuff for ToolBookers back in the day. Good to see you posting in the Lectora forums now.

  2. Profile photo of Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson Post author

    G’day Darrel,
    It’s been a long time coming, here I am:-)
    If you have any old ToolBooks that you need converted just let me know as I have a ToolBook to Lectora converter.
    Best regards, Peter

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