Random Animation with Javascript

For my entry for the Comicbook-contest i needed a javascript to generate some random animation for images. I do work in Lectora Inspire X1o ( yes the ancient one, some clients still only use that one ), Lectora Inspire 11 and now 16. So the setup for this sample i made in X10 because i wanted to try and see how conversion of my JS-files would go, when converting it to 16. Well that went perfect. Both the X10 as the 16 awt are in the attachments. Works great.

All images inside the Lectora are read by the javascript and pushed into an array. Then the user can see what indexnumber the images have, and create an action in which he/she passes an array [2,3,5] so that the javascript knows to animate those images randomly.

One question remains though ?

Are there anymore users around that still occasionaly use X10 ?

Preview image

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    Math Notermans Post author

    PS: when previewing you might want to set your browser window to a mobile-like size. Experimenting with mobile-first design….

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      Wendy Miller

      Nope, not me! I can’t even begin to compete with developers like you and so many others! Besides, I’m disqualified anyhow. 😉

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