Reflection Journal

This journal was created to have learned document their journey of not only what they learned, but also their plan to apply the knowledge and how it was actually applied.  This can be used in many ways.

This is my 1st share post and would appreciate what is good as well as how to improve it…please be specific or let’s chat.

This community has help me a lot and I hope this post helps someone else.


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  1. Profile photo of switalba Switalski
    switalba Switalski Post author

    I am looking for help on how to make the print summary page better. If the learner goes beyond the displayed text how can I get it to print all the text and move the other text down?

  2. Profile photo of Wendy Miller
    Wendy Miller

    I think this is really lovely and works great just as it is, switalba! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Profile photo of Elias Arnaout
    Elias Arnaout

    You did some good work on this, and I like it. Just a quick note about the instruction for entries into the journal. I think an instruction button or some other method instead of clicking on the pages and then get instructions, then having to click next to get the same page again. Might be easier for navigation. Great work though, I like it a lot. Is there a limit on how many entries are saved?

    1. Profile photo of switalba Switalski
      switalba Switalski Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, it is GREATLY appreciated. Good idea on the instruction icon method…sometimes I wonder if learner of ALL levels see it or not. As for number of entries… there is no limit, but when the characters exceed the text box and a scroll box is now available, I cannot get them to print. Any ideas without making the text box larger? Basically the text box would expand further if the characters exceed the text box size…is that possible?

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