Reusable OOP setup in Lectora

One of the things i noticed in some projects with lots of Javascript in it, was the annoying fact Lectora recreates html names when copying and pasting pages. That offcourse is obvious behaviour… and for most courseware developers it doesnt matter much.When using Javascript a lot, and calling html-names in your scripts…well a lot of doublechecking is needed to ensure all works properly.

So i decided on creating a setup that is better reusable. Furthermore i discovered some crossbrowser incompatibilities that with some CSS and tips from the Greensock community got solved.

To test the reusability, just add textfields and/or your own images. All will work with this setup. Follow up on this might be creating classes from it, so it gets even better reusable.

Preview image



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    Wendy Miller

    Ok, now you’re just showing off, Math! 😉 Just kidding! Seriously, all of these samples you’ve posted are fabulous and greatly appreciated!

  2. Profile photo of jdwilliford

    Very cool! I’ll definitely be playing… er, I mean working with this in a future course! Thanks for sharing!

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