SCORM: The Basics and Beyond

In today’s Inspiration Wednesday webinar, I discussed the basics of SCORM. We dove deep into the technical standard being used in eLearning. We discussed practical applications of SCORM. How does SCORM work in Lectora and Lectora Online? And what the future of SCORM looks like.

SCORM settings are on therefore you may encounter errors trying to view this material outside of an LMS.

This is a copy of the presentation files.  This file is open for free use at your organization.  Feel free to remove, rebrand, or share this course.  If you do use it please give us a Thanks! by mentioning us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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  1. Huston Brown

    Hi Jennifer. I see where to download the Lectora file, but is there also a recording of your presentation? I don’t see that and the top of this page is misaligned. in both my IE and Chrome browsers.

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley Post author

      The recording has not been uploaded to our Community or website yet. However, if you registered you should have received a link or file to watch the recording. If you have not yet received that email please be sure to check your SPAM folder.

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley Post author

      What button are you clicking? When I choose the Download Lectora File button I get a PKG in my Downloads folder. It may be your computer’s settings or firewall that is forcing it into a ZIP.

  2. Profile photo of AliciaForbes

    I was downloading it in IE and received the .zip. I tried it in Chrome and got the pkg file. Thanks

  3. Jani Sipola

    What Scorm2004 edition is in Lectora?

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