Spritesheet setup in Lectora

Got triggered by a question to put together a setup for working with spritesheets in Lectora. Spritesheets have many advantages above gif and avi’s, to name a few, they are better controllable, work perfectly on mobiles and tablets, and are loaded in one bunch.
The gaming industry embraced sprites for quite a long time, and thus especially when you gonna try and make a game in Lectora, knowing how to handle spritesheets for sure is a benefit.

I made this sample in Lectora X10, especially because i still have projects in X10 and anything i make i want to make backwards-compatible ( as much as possible ). Due too the lack of  classnames in X10 that was quite cumbersome for a while. Well in this sample i really needed them, or had to keep it to Lectora 16… figured out a way to get classnames working in X10 ( with some blackmagic 😉 , and thus could finish this sample in X10. In fact it is perfectly forwards compatible too, and you can open en preview/publish it in any version from X10 to L16.

One other thing i discovered working on this , is that the tag ‘background-position’ in Html only works for horizontal animation in some browsers…i ran into trouble trying to animate the spritesheet vertically. Using % instead of ‘px’ fixed that… weird browser thing..but good to know and remember…

Preview image

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