This is a small timer I made in Lectora 16 as a kind of practice/challenge/example 🙂

The stopwatch shows the time you’ve spent on the current page and the cumulative time of the previous pages. After a flying start I realised it would need a bit (or a lot!) of tweaking with variables to overcome some (mostly visual) flaws and bugginess. So it might not be the prettiest set of variables one has ever seen, and it probably isn’t the easiest way to achieve a stopwatch function, but it seems to work pretty smoothly (at least, when I run it… ;)) and it’s easy to modify and reuse in any e-learning module.


Preview image



  1. Profile photo of TxLady

    That is really nice! Good example of variables which I still struggle with.

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    Bill Miller

    Looks really sharp! Great work with the variables. I like your approach. It’s very interesting.

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